We use docker images in out Github (and Gitlab) CI/CD deployments. Here’s the commands we use to create, build, deploy, and use Docker images.

  1. https://www.docker.com/
  2. Sign Up
  3. Sign up for a Docker account.
  1. docker login
  2. enter your email & password. You’ll now be signed in.
  1. `docker pull crazzywizard/voice_essentials_image:latest`

don’t have…

While developing Multi Language Custom Alexa Skill, You might run into above error.

Build Err: MissingSlot


Make sure you spell the slot right.

In this case, I simply mispelled AMAZON.NUMBER as AMAZON.Number .

Simple mistake.
So simple, I wrote a haiku about it.

always check for caps.
AMAZON.NUMBER think fast!
MissingSlot won’t last.

{    "name": "number",    "type": {         "alexa": "AMAZON.NUMBER",         "dialogflow":"@sys.number",         "googleAssistant": "actions.type.Number"}

Live performances filled cities with energy & sound. Tracks silently played in the ears of high-school students on their morning bus to school, giving them the confidence they need to navigate the nuances of AP Calculus. Musicians are the lifeblood of culture and community. The world got a surprise twist…

Voice First 🎃

👻 VOICE SOFTWARE CO. 👻 // #Columbus // less thumb-swiping & screen-facing. Wholistic Balance ☯️ of Midwestern Love ❤️ + Artificial Intelligence 💬

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